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And now the word slips in, a hand
down the rough blue of your back pocket,
a gaze that dawdles for too long.
All that you want are the silent moments
between a bank deposit and
the sun-slapped leather of the driver's seat,
or during your stroll down city square.
It is the first word to the phone:
now you know the catcall, the snapping
flag in a hot wind, emblazoned
with that Southern cross—anything of offense;
it is the open door
you did not ask for, the courteous
nod that builds a society, joins
a hand to hand. The hand:
a wave that means you are a dog,
obedient and servile as the woman
in your newest phone, knowledge navigator
that can compass the earth—
its every mote and detail—
as some asteroid belt around the sun, 332.
Hi. An affront,
a coil that shrinks the difference
between us, the million miles
of distance: voice to heart,
reason to brain, to our collective consciousness.
Good day. A smear campaign
against your worthiness, two
bedeviled words
to greet, to gr
:iconfllnthblnk:fllnthblnk 1 8
       golden girl, graceful grasshopper, gastronomic guardian
       gentle giant, garden genius, gave great grimaces
grown grandchildren gathered
       grievous, guilty glances:
       gun, glorious gunpowder—
               good God!
:iconfllnthblnk:fllnthblnk 4 10
science in common core
a risen ocean—warm ice
carries a massive summer,
a coarse, wave-worn season.
rivers increase or narrow.
corrosive rain across enormous zones—
asia or wisconsin, mexico or missouri:
various areas in succession,
even on roman ruins or vesuvius.
we are worms in a new mesozoic
as a scoriaceous sun oozes
across some sierra. we can see more.
we can see now, our universe.
we can see reason, an answer in our veins.
an answer in some room in america—
a curious minor, six or seven, now insecure
as new axis sea ice or revenue sources—
a minor score: an iron crown worn as a cone
even as a man.
:iconfllnthblnk:fllnthblnk 5 4
Police Call by fllnthblnk
Mature content
Police Call :iconfllnthblnk:fllnthblnk 4 3
Midnight Inspiration by fllnthblnk Midnight Inspiration :iconfllnthblnk:fllnthblnk 156 27 Father by fllnthblnk Father :iconfllnthblnk:fllnthblnk 5 5 Ultimate Escape by fllnthblnk Ultimate Escape :iconfllnthblnk:fllnthblnk 14 3
I am the Everybody
Not the sun--have dawdled in the outside darkness,
discerning the Big Dipper and its bowl's guiding line
to Polaris. Everything else is foreign, an ebon map
with pinpoints of cities and near unpronounceable names:
Adhafera, Algieba, Denebola, Regulus--cultures uttered
in divination's two-toned newsprint dialect.
Then comes the thought of what if: life circulating them
as it does here, and if their soundless gap
can challenge the record between each human life:
the files of our moving lines on damaged roads, at work
and its day-to-day redundancy, the bits of information
we've become online: nothing but ones and zeroes. Even I
cannot find Leo and its heart of galaxies, the ruling sun
finally rising as I attempt sleep through its hindering light,
when it dawns on me as appropriate: unus multorum,
creativity's inhibition--an over-tasting, a dilution.
I am a lion among lions, a major and minor
against the unknowns of every other constellation,
the unknown of each smile in passing, th
:iconfllnthblnk:fllnthblnk 13 20
I see it in her sinking eyes,
the silence of their gaze--a child
batting at the final thread
of life, nine for nine. Darker days
pass with worry tumbling deep
in its high-walled pit. I see it:
something that says this is the last,
when I touch the curve of her back,
the rise of spine, the uneven quiet
of her response while winter bulks
and burns with its oppression of frost.
I see it in my brother, the care
of each hand as it arches over bone.
There is hunger, but she does not eat--
only laps at a small drinking bowl--
and I tell him this is it, it is now:
but he insists as love does--wandering
dove in the dark cave that is death--
says all he needs to do is feed her.
But I see it at work flashing up
with his number that same day, his voice
quivering as tongue-tapped water;
and I knew he would rescind
our agreement: a leap into the dark
without the interference of barbiturates,
a vet's cold table, two gloved hands
that are more steel than hands. I see
it there, to give in like that: to
:iconfllnthblnk:fllnthblnk 109 70
Mature content
Ones and Twos :iconfllnthblnk:fllnthblnk 3 10
My how I've grown
to hate the taste of it: the liquid snap
of another letter, a word pursing
through these tongue-wet lips. Here, a kiss
for a dying stanza that does not know
it is dying--I hate it, see? The thought
that language lives, breathes like people do,
because that's the way humanity works:
finding humanity in the non-human: you know that
word: anthropomorphizing
the household dog, furry child on four legs;
that language who seems to speak
for itself, autonomous as a new computer line--
can decipher the innerworkings of the soul,
can dig deep, twitter their own verse,
exhume a breathing spark inside the plastic canister
of existence--as a dirge. But, here,
all I see is dirt, a burial not for the dead,
but for the written word: in the distance, a bark
that says something in its non-human talk;
to think to write, to translate it
into something such as this. Something read:
epitaph on the hardened stone of my antipathy.
:iconfllnthblnk:fllnthblnk 10 29
Apologies to Lao
Each day is its own microstep--
since I woke from my mother's womb,
I longed to mimic new words, trammel
the sound until it blossomed
like a newborn, and oh how I birthed
stories--told them how I wanted
the author's sacrosanct title
once I've grown. But growing meant
learning the practice of citizens
and their due contribution: beast-slaying
nature of please, thank you,
an apology: sincere
or not. Then there is time--the first
breath of nine, exhalation
of five, the suffocating mandate
of overtime. You grow used to it:
the cyclical disappearance of parents,
pervasive need of sleep, a home-
cooked meal's gradual transmogrification
to a microwave's impatient beeps,
the drive-thru's static, monotoned voice
by a man who has already learned
what I am learning: to cherish
the alarm's morning hymn over my mother's--
now I'm rarely late for work--can navigate
those can-lined aisles, the cold-grey
of the warehouse with deep strides
until I lose track of every step within
my eight hours--my mind
:iconfllnthblnk:fllnthblnk 103 30
Beyond Tornado Alley, my youngest brother
sleeps with his new family, a speck
in the forefinger of Florida--the state,
I hear, where the elderly go, not to die,
but to finish the final few pages
of their lives. Is it no wonder our father
and his second wife sent his age-sick mother
to some retirement home in Tennessee?
Even now, my brother speaks in nonchalance's
flatlined tongue of their dozen cats,
the lucky few inside (outside, the living
green of the yard hides a doubled clowder),
and each of their names: Shadow, Baby, Tiger...
it goes on--and how easy they are to replace:
Sickly? The answer was quick, painless, and
easy, just as each evening while the light bled
into a new horizon, the memory of birth-home,
the snow-misted mountains, our blood-mother,
myself--the terrible novel of eyes closing
into a deeper darkness, never again to open.
:iconfllnthblnk:fllnthblnk 4 10
It is more than death: a loved one
vanishes into a gathering of ashes,
and still they are not immortalized
by that lump in the throat, that sense
of wrong, that homesickness, that love-
sickness--the unnameable, named. Baudelaire,
I am an unhealthy man now--
this is past forgetting, past frailty.
Age has whitened the crass lines
of my hair; apathy has sewn through
my thinning lips, has stilled each finger
from touching keys, or ink to paper.
Although I've shown the eye of each grape,
how they watch from a neighbor's unkept yard--
I care no longer about the sweetness
of their juice, or the miracle of finding
sense and hope in language--workhouse
of our tongue, long-suffering in our ineptitude.
I have long walked past that dreaded block:
can see it in the deep distance, in the dark.
Those others! Their arms stretch: their new
birthing, discovery of another light--glimmer
of each experience that seeps and sparks
as if tiny breaths. But, here, I turn--
hold my own breath. Discover the hard
:iconfllnthblnk:fllnthblnk 203 91
In Clearfield the cars duplicate themselves
along the island-tipped Antelope Drive,
bombinating city to city: marbles spilling
across the contours of a tired sidewalk.
Every night I listen, knowing the darkness
of the room, the sleek stone of it
weighing down — it is too difficult to sleep,
to let my eyes wander the existence
of the ceiling, the lone bulb at its center.
I am a note, a song that curls on its side
to discover the chorus, the spareness of wind,
the groaning feline, the knick and knack
of a yellowed house slumbering into its edge,
its cul-de-sac — while the moon peeks
or doesn't, quiet behind the other silence
of the mountain that watches, but says nothing
as I do, each breath following another
from the place my heart rests, in search
of a sound indistinguishable, dissipating
like chimney smoke unwinding into the fall.
:iconfllnthblnk:fllnthblnk 4 16


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-Currently works as a Supplemental Instruction Leader, Tutor, and Nutrition Lab Aid
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